The Google Primary, Part 4: Interest in Early Frontrunners Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders Is Correlated to State-by-State Diversity

[T]he Sanders team is convinced the Vermont senator’s appeal to independent voters, the white working class and people of color is underestimated — and could pay dividends in unexpected places in a general election. They argue that his anti-establishment and populist economic message, as well as his many years of representing rural voters, makes him competitive in not only the Rust Belt states where Hillary Clinton faltered but also potentially in deep-red states, too.

They’re not just talking about West Virginia. Some in the Sanders camp envision possibly making a play for Iowa, Ohio, and Indiana, as well as states such as Kansas, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Montana — six states that, together, have voted for the Democratic nominee just twice in the past half-century.

Google Trends Interest in Kamala Harris by Region, 1/22–2/22
Google Trends Interest in Bernie Sanders by Region, 1/22–2/22



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