Trump Campaign’s New Facebook Ads Showcase His Big Shutdown Fear

The President’s campaign launched new ads today that target Republican Senators rather than Democratic members.

Huh? Why would he do this?

His biggest fear today is the Republican-controlled Senate abandoning him and/or overruling him should public opinion abandon him further on the Shutdown.

FiveThirtyEight’s polling average shows Trump’s numbers dropping steadily during the shutdown with his approval now under 40%.

The text of the new Trump ad says, “I want to be able to show all Republican Senators a list of the many American voters that will NOT be happy if the wall isn’t built. I need YOUR NAME on the list. Sign our Official Petition to the Senate now!”

The ads are collecting signatures demanding Trump’s “Wall” but do not mention the Shutdown itself.

He’s deceiving his supporters as to what issue they are engaging on because he knows the Shutdown isn’t popular with even his own base.

A screenshot of one of the ads from the Facebook Archive

He wants to get his supporters to sign-on and send a message to Republicans in the Senate to stand behind him on “The Wall” — yet he isn’t even honest with his own people.

Today, Donald Trump is afraid. He’s afraid of losing the support from Senators of his own party on the Shutdown.

In the medium-to-long term, one wonders if this isn’t foreshadowing battles to come on if there are additional Russian sanctions issues (he lost 11 GOP senators this week on that vote) — or even eventually on impeachment proceedings.

These new Trump ads were launched today, January 17, and are viewable on Facebook’s Political Content Ad Archive.

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