The Google Primary: Sanders Broke Through Trump Interest Level Twice in the Past Week

A couple weeks ago, I looked at search interest in each Democrat’s announcement as compared to the same day’s interest in Donald Trump.

This morning, I pulled the last seven days of data and again used interest in Trump as a baseline, comparing it to interest in Sanders, Harris, Warren, and Booker.

Bernie Broke Through Twice

In his CNN Town Hall (Feb 25) and formal announcement speech (Mar 2), Sanders broke through Trump’s index line, while no other Democrat broke through at all.

Google Trends, February 25 to March 4

This continues Sanders run of overall search interest strength versus the rest of the Democratic field.

The idea is that by using the level of Google search interest in Trump we have a baseline for the amount of attention candidates may need to draw to their message in order to effectively reach and resonate with many Americans.

In that analysis, we saw Kamala Harris with the most interest in her announcement followed closely by Bernie Sanders with Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker and Tulsi Gabbard as the only other candidates who broke through that Trump baseline.

For what it’s worth, I also looked at several other announced and unannounced candidates who did not break through. This included the announcement of climate change warrior, Washington Governor Jay Inslee, who did not break Trump’s line of support but did briefly pass Bernie’s level the morning of Inslee’s news breaking.

This story is the latest in my continuing look at Google Trends data in the 2020 Democratic primary campaign. Find the rest on my Medium profile here.

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