Idle Speculation on White House Exit Strategy

In the new year, my aspirational plan is to write a little more and do so here on Medium rather than Twitter or other social networks. We’ll see how this goes.

Last week, I posted a Twitter thread of idle speculation about Trump’s most likely White House exit strategy might be to accomplish what I thought his big picture goals were: avoid jail time, avoid his kids going to jail, declare “victory.”

The short version is: a negotiated resignation (would require participation of federal, state and local prosecutors) makes the most sense to me as a strategy for Trump.

Anyway, at a dinner last night with non-politico friends, I tried to relate this same bit of speculation when Trump and Russia came up. It didn’t go well, but not in the way I might have imagined.

Lets just get this out of the way: I’ve been following the major plot lines of Trump and Russia fairly closely. To give you a sense, I follow and read many of the reporters and commentators on this beat-and have particularly enjoyed some of the leading edge reporting in the Washington Post, the New York Times and also the reporting and commentary of Marcy Wheeler and Josh Marshall in the years since this story started to develop momentum in 2016.

Getting back to the dinner: let’s just say that my friends didn’t appear to have been following the plot lines as closely. Some of the recent public cases and major news stories like the recent Cohen and Flynn hearings had broken through, but not the details.

I had to do fair amount of spadework to set the stage before my “idle speculation” in the Twitter thread even started to make sense.

That said, there is a lot of both revelation and education that needs to happen before this makes sense to most people — and perhaps also to Trump and his advisors.

To paraphrase Michael Cohen, Mueller is the one who knows everything. We are all still catching-up — and crucially there are a lot of Americans who don’t even know what’s already been exposed in court and pled to.



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